Apache config errors when configtest shows no errors

Recently I ran into an issue where a configtest with apachectrl -t reported Syntax Ok, reloaded apache and everything went down. It turned out to be »

Easy PHP version switching on Ubuntu (allows for running multiple versions at the same time)

This article assumes you're using PHP FPM, we'll also show you how to switch PHP versions on the command line at the bottom as well. You'll »

PHP heredocs could be better

... but they can do weird stuff if you really want them to. PHP heredocs aren't something I think most PHP devs (including myself) use day to »

Quick and easy local ssl/https with mkcert on ubuntu

One time install of mkcert with: sudo apt install mkcert libnss3-tools mkcert -install Then set up your SSL cert for the needed domains, e.g. here »

Upgrading Ubuntu servers from 16.04 to 20.04 on Digital Ocean (includes handling floating IP)

Recently I upgraded a bunch of our app servers that were on old 16.04 and other similar sub 20.04 Ubuntu versions. (Why 20.04 »

Heart Internet email with Gmail

Here's a very quick run through setting up a site with Heart Internet (will likely be similar for other mail providers) to both send and receive »

Helpful tip when upgrading php versions

Todays helpful tip: Your ini file changes wont be upgraded with you, it's worth checking the ini file changes from the old version to the new »

Helping sites publish out during COVID-19

Over a weekend I built a new app to help sites publish simple banners onto their site to say what they are doing in relation to »