PHP heredocs could be better

... but they can do weird stuff if you really want them to. PHP heredocs aren't something I think most PHP devs (including myself) use day to »

Quick and easy local ssl/https with mkcert on ubuntu

One time install of mkcert with: sudo apt install mkcert libnss3-tools mkcert -install Then set up your SSL cert for the needed domains, e.g. here »

Upgrading Ubuntu servers from 16.04 to 20.04 on Digital Ocean (includes handling floating IP)

Recently I upgraded a bunch of our app servers that were on old 16.04 and other similar sub 20.04 Ubuntu versions. (Why 20.04 »

Heart Internet email with Gmail

Here's a very quick run through setting up a site with Heart Internet (will likely be similar for other mail providers) to both send and receive »

Helpful tip when upgrading php versions

Todays helpful tip: Your ini file changes wont be upgraded with you, it's worth checking the ini file changes from the old version to the new »

Helping sites publish out during COVID-19

Over a weekend I built a new app to help sites publish simple banners onto their site to say what they are doing in relation to »

mitmproxy on Ubuntu 20.04+

mitmproxy is a free and open source interactive HTTPS proxy. To quickly get this up and running on Ubuntu 19.04 (Updated and tested in 20. »

Debugging Android Chrome with Chrome on your desktop - 2019

Ingredients You'll need your phone, your desktop / laptop & a cable to connect them. Prep Enable developer options on your phone Settings > search for About phone »