Debugging Android Chrome with Chrome on your desktop - 2019


You'll need your phone, your desktop / laptop & a cable to connect them.


  1. Enable developer options on your phone

    Settings > search for About phone > Tap Build number 7 times.
    If after the first time it says no need, you already have it enabled. After the 7th time it should say it's enabled.

  2. Enable USB debugging

    Settings > search for USB Debugging > Enable.


  1. Plug in your phone

  2. You should have a notification for "Charging this device with USB", tap this to get to the options.

  3. Under "Use USB For" select File Transfer

  4. On your desktop Chrome, go to chrome://inspect/#devices

  5. On your phone Chrome, load any website, it should now be listed on the inspect page on your desktop.

  6. Optionally enable port forwarding to debug a local site from your desktop on your phone.


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