Enter git reflog to save the day

So, i had to stop and delete a branch i'd been working on, I figured out a better way to build it, sure it meant throwing that code away but it made sense.
There were only 2 commits on this branch and neither would be needed, or so i thought.

Simple, I can run git checkout develop and git branch -d dead-feature, of course git warns me about this, but the branches content is no longer needed so replace that -d with -D and its all ok.
But wait... there was a migration on that branch... and its been run on my development system.
The migration file is now gone, entire branch gone in fact, and my database is now wrong without a simple way to rollback.

Enter git reflog to save the day. Running git reflog i found the commit in which i created the file, in my case its hash was 1f6a6e4.

Now I just needed to save that file, so with a little help from git show i can output that raw file:
git show 1f6a6e4:application/migrations/2014_01_22_173120_create_blah_blah_table.php > application/migrations/2014_01_22_173120_create_blah_blah_table.phpFinally all that's left is to rollback that last migration, remove that temp file and continue on to build the new feature.

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