Mega menus in REC

REC's default menu is simple by design, allowing you to customise it without need to change many declarations & It's also designed to work for the most common use cases as well as to scale well from small/mobile screens up to desktop.

But sometimes you might need something more advanced, like a mega menu.

Luckily, REC's menu can be easily switched out and replaced by changing our nav.css file and nav.js files which handle the navigation design, and optionally you can replace the menu.html.twig file that renders the html for the menu, which is brought in on both the header.html.twig file and footer.html.twig files by default though you can easily style differences between these 2 menus.

Mega menus offer users a more interactive experience and require more thought than simple menus. Not all sites would require a mega menu and doing so on some sites might even get in the way of the sites UX.

In terms of mega menu designs available, a great collection of ideas are available here:

We've taken the megamenu.js example from this and setup a test site for it:
- Here you can see the mega menu in action working within a standard REC instance.

The code and instructions to create this are available here:

This demo shows using the menu to replace both as a mega menu & with a simple dropdown version.

Inside the mega menu, we've leveraged content blocks to bring in those images. Check out the README on GitHub for more info on how this works.

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