Rightmove BLM file reader / parser

Slightly late post but thought I'd mention a quick new composer package i recently pushed up.
A simple BLM reader for use with Rightmoves .BLM files.

View live on GitHub: https://github.com/stilliard/blmreader

Unlike the other lib's out there, this is pretty bare bones, it doesn't try to offer predefined values and other such helpers, it simple takes in a file and outputs an array. This is pretty handy not only for rightmove files, but for people using rightmove's format but not actually using the same fields, or for when fields get added in the future you wont have to do any work as this way it will automatically allow you access to them :)


composer require stilliard/blmreader dev-master  

Example usage

$blm = new \BLM\Reader(dirname(__FILE__) . '/test.blm');
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