"Setup & forget" website security montioring tools

Security monitoring tools you can setup and then forget about them (Until they email you about an issue).

First things 1st, website monitoring in general: downtime alerts.
Plenty sites offer this but I think Statuscake win out on this, plus they offer virus/malware checks.

Worried about being hacked? haveibeenpwned offers monitoring for if your email & password show up in leaked hacked account lists. You can also monitor at a domain level.

Sending emails? Setup email blacklist checks with MXToolBox.

Is your site on HTTPS? If not, why not? But if so, monitor your site for mixed content regularly with HTTPS Reporter. Worth it to keep your green padlock you worked hard to get on your site.

Scan My Server will scan your site regularly for common security issues such as XSS & SQL Injection.

DNS Check Will watch over your DNS records & email you if there's a change. Though often not thought about, this is useful to know if someone's changed your DNS without your permission, either in your company or hacked into your account.

Got another service you can setup and forget that solves a problem not already solved above? Post a comment below :D

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