Modern browser testing

Browser testing has come along way, these aren't the days of IE5/6 double margin bugs or old IE hasLayout problems. We still battle some bugs »

Using Makefiles for simple build scripts

Makefiles are probably one of the most useful tools in my belt. They allow me to create repeatable tasks which I can run with a simple »

REC FTP development using Atom editor

Following on from my post on FTP development with REC where I used Sublime Text 2. I believe it's worth trying out other editors to find »

Responsive breakpoints preview tool

I'll start by saying there really are loads of great tools out there to preview sites on different viewports / screen width. Such as: »

Diving into FTP development with REC

As well as via the admin interface, you can use FTP to gain a greater level of control over the design of your REC site by »


Inside the Dockerfile: CMD This is the default command to be run by the entrypoint ENTRYPOINT This is the program to run the given command. Docker »

Using d3.js both on the front end and server for generating images with node.js

D3.js is a great javascript lib for creating visualisations based on given data. Here's a really really simple example creating different sized circles based on »

Ditto.php alpha release

Ditto.php composer package to quickly build a web proxy which replaces my old project under this name. Usage example: composer require stilliard/ditto.php dev-master »