Bitbucket deploy/access keys

These secure access keys in Bitbucket (previously deploy keys) help you setup your service with read only access to a project, perfect for use with deployments »

"Setup & forget" website security montioring tools

Security monitoring tools you can setup and then forget about them (Until they email you about an issue). First things 1st, website monitoring in general: downtime »

Quick tips to debug email errors

Need to debug a bounce back error when sending emails? First, check the bounce-back email, normally this will give you the clearest picture as to what's »

gdrive backups with service accounts

Every service needs backups, and a simple way to get these at a low cost is with Google Drive. In this post I'll take you through »

CSS Wishlist 2018

Last year I wrote up a wishlist of CSS features I'd love to see make there way into browsers, but it never got released. This year »

Simple CSS Timeline using clear to avoid item collisions

It's easy to forget some of the simplest CSS properties are secret super heroes. The property of the day for me is clear. Here's an example »

Breaking down larger sites to scan for mixed content

Want to skip to illustrated steps? There's multiple approaches to fixing mixed content, from using CSP to monitor in real time, plugins for specific platforms & »

Google algorithm change alerts via email

Subscribe here: Most of us in some way rely on Google search to bring in traffic to our sites or client sites, it's important to know »